How to Transform Suffering Into
How to Transform Suffering Into
LIVE with Michael Bolduc 
in Bangkok on September 22, 2019
How to Transform Suffering Into
LIVE with Michael Bolduc 
in Bangkok on September 22, 2019
Retail Price was 19,900 Baht
If you are tired of not achieving your dreams…
or working hard and watching other people get ahead…then you need...
You don’t have to spend years figuring out the methods used by the masters...
You can learn from the best master of success in the world!

Transcend to a higher level of Consciousness.
See What the World's Top Gurus Say 
About Michael Bolduc...
❝ Transcend to the Beautiful State and receive the tools required to maintain this state…. 
 allowing you to achieve your goals without suffering!
Brian Tracy says, "Michael Bolduc is The World's #1 Coach to Set & Achieve Goals"
  •  Best Selling Author: Michael Bolduc is the creator of the Science of Achievement, which is currently being used by over one million people to achieve their goals. He is the author the bestselling book The Ultimate Success Formula.
  •  Coach to CEO's: Many of the world’s preeminent trainers, speakers, consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs have sought Michael Bolduc’s coaching to unleash the power of their own organizations.
  • Successful Entrepreneur: He is also founder and partner of more than seven successful companies generating millions in sales every year.
  •  Recognized World Top Coach: Michael Bolduc has conducted an estimated 11,000 private coaching sessions in 30 different locations worldwide.
  •  Highest Paid Coach: He is not only one of the highest-paid coaches in the industry, earning upwards of $100,000 USD per customer, but he also has a 99% success rate!
Who is this seminar for?
1. Trying to achieve any goal while in a stressful state:
You will transcend to the Beautiful State and receive the tools required to maintain this state…. 
 allowing you to achieve your goals without suffering!
2. Entrepreneurs, CEO and Business Owners:
You will maximize your profits, become a better leader, and the most effective and efficient version of yourself.

 3. Meet Your Dream 
You will discover the unconscious blocks and how to remove them, so you can take immediate action to meet your dream parter faster than you ever imagined before.
4. Get the Body of Your Dreams:
You will learn the secret psychology of losing weight fast, so you can have the confidence that comes with looking attractive.
5. Sales People:

 You will surpass targets, double, triple, quadruple your income in a matter of 30 days, and live the lifestyle you desire & deserve. 
6. Anyone who wants to be successful:
You will master the ability to set and achieve any goals you desire, so that you can live the dream life you've always wanted but didn't quite know how to achieve. 
If you fit the profiles above, then the Beautiful State Seminar can transform your life and get you the success you deserve without Suffering!
Retail Price was 19,900 Baht
Remember: You too can achieve what Michael has!
Unlock Your Full Potential
By learning Michael’s blended method of teaching success principles while always being in a beautiful state:
  •  Find your inner truth
  •  Not be limited by your past
  •  Eliminate your self image/ego
  •  Become the person you're meant to be
  •  Learn how to clear your mind and negative thoughts
  •  Learn to recognize a disturbance and respond
  •  Understand I Consciousness and One Consciousness
  •  Learn to connect to everything with oneness
These recent teachings of Michael have already completely catapulted the lives of his team and inner circle members and now it’s being shared with the public for the first time!
Retail Price was 19,900 Baht
Remember: You too can achieve what Michael has!
Consciousness Mastery
The Awakening Journey is designed to help you transcend to the next state of consciousness, to help you to find your real purpose and connect with the Universal Intelligence allowing you to manifest your dreams aligned with the flow of the universe, not fighting it!

You will EXPERIENCE a beautiful state in your life no matter what happens while you achieve your dreams! You will FEEL the difference in your mental state and SENSE the change in your being.

In short, you will be able to go from an undesired state to a desired state in any context.
Retail Price was 19,900 Baht
Remember: You too can achieve what Michael has!
Here's what famous people are saying about Michael
From ZERO to Making $100,000 (US) Yearly:
“"In the past I had no confidence I could become a coach, but after working with Michael, my life has totally changed. I made $100,000 USD (3 million baht a year) with Michael's Business Coaching System."”
-- Weerapong Sattaphon,
author of Coach Your Brain for Faster Success 
& corporate results coach
Raising my FOCUS POWER
“I really appreciate Michael’s teaching to help me ‘maintain the beautiful state’ no matter what happens in any situation. It is so valued in my life. I can focus more on my big goals. Thank you, Michael, for raising my FOCUS POWER. I believe he can help a lot of Thai people to achieve their dream lives.”
Master POP
NLP Coach
Overcome the fears and hesitations
"Since getting personal coaching from Michael, I have learned the skills to overcome the fears and hesitations holding me back from going for my goals. He taught me the step-by-step process that has worked for thousands of others to get started and create a detailed plan to get my business off the ground."
Natalie Glebova 
Miss Universe 2005 & Empowerist
Retail Price was 19,900 Baht
Remember: You too can achieve what Michael has!
These people have already achieved amazing success using the proven methods that Michael will teach you!
Built a Million Dollar Coaching Business
Doubled my income within 7 months!  
“I have already doubled my income, registered for the CFA program, and completed my own financial coaching program.”
Sebastien Leblond
Co-Founder of NLP TOP COACH
His Coaching Business is 
Now Making Him 5 Million Dollars a Year
600% increase in income
“Since I got his coaching, I increased my income by 600% in 2 months. I definitely encourage you to hire Michael as a success coach.”
Akira Iguchi
Quit Smoking After Working with Michael and Increased His Income by 46%
46% increase in income!
“With Michael's success coaching, I made a 46% increase in my income in just a few months of coaching and training.”
David Cramond

Built a Million Dollar Coaching Business
68% closing rate
“With Michael's coaching, I started my coaching business and gained 11 clients in the first five months. And my closing rate is 68%!
 I earned more than $23,000 in the first few months.”
Misato Okamura

Became a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur
Patterns of success
“He showed me my patterns of success and how to use them...after that, it's so much easier to accomplish my short-term goals. Michael is able to understand what's blocking you from achieving success, so that you can achieve your goals.”
Patric Chan, 
Co-Author, Clicking Cash
Doubled His Income
100 times worth the price
“Sign up for his coaching program. It's worth 100 times the price tag. Nothing really worked until I decided to hire Michael Bolduc as a coach. In the first 10 minutes of the first coaching session, I knew I'd made the right decision.”
Martin Messier

Success Coaching Business
Generated €110,000 in revenue!
"Michael Bolduc has astonishing credibility. After I hired Michael as my personal coach, I generated €110,000 in revenue from my seminar and coaching business within 89 days. Michael Bolduc is a true authority on the subject of success coaching."
Smiljan Mori, 
Best Selling Author of MotivAction

Increase Her Income
$26,000 income per month
"Within only 30 days of Michael's coaching, my clients increased from 2 to 11, and my conversion rate went up to 68%. Within two months after I started coaching with him, I achieved $26,000 in income per month."
Fukiko Kobayashi

Change His Life
$31,000 in a month
"After Michael's coaching certification course, I got 10 coaching clients and made $31,000 in a month. I borrowed from the Japanese government to attend his seminar, and it paid off in only a month. I now have over 30 clients, and they are achieving their goals as well. Last year my sales were less than $52,000, but my sales forecast for this year is three times more than last year! My life has changed since I met Michael. Thank you. I would like to contribute to society by using Michael's skills."
Koji Shiraishi
Become a Success Coach
I made $51,400 in just 1 month!
“Before, I was struggling to make money as a brand-new coach. I had been to other coaching certification schools without results, but after I joined the Michael Bolduc Coaching Certification Course, I made $51,400 in a single month.”
Hisanori Iwai
Brand New Coach
Get His Dream Job
Employed within 3 months
"I was laid off from my job during the 2008-2009 recession. Within 3 months, I secured my ideal job as an exclusive director, The compensation is more than what we discussed."
Wayne Schmidt

Doubled His Income
Doubled his income
"Since Michael and I began working together, I've doubled my take-home pay and improved the overall revenue from my business. Our work together has helped me to improve my focus, and my results showed a jump very quickly."
Jason Lexell
His Companies Have Exploded 100 Fold
Never been happier
"My consulting companies have exploded 100 fold. Because of Michael’s training and coaching, I've never been happier."
Chris Mentillo MSc DD

Increase His Income
$50,000 increase in income
"With your coaching, I was able to go from earning $74,000 to $124,000 within 3 months…Going through your coaching was AWESOME, some really life changing info."
Charles W. Moore

Her Income Increased
5 Times
Laser-Like Focus
"With just one 45-minute coaching session with Michael, my income increased 5 times. If you want to achieve your goal in a short time, I highly recommend Michael as your coach."
Nami Muro
Made $154,200 In Just Thee Months
Made $51,400 in Just 1 Month!
"I achieved my goal of making $154,200 in just three months"
Yamamoto Hiroshi
Doubled Her Income
Doubled her income!
"Increased my number of clients from 8 to 18 with Michael's coaching."
Aki Kanou
Made Extra Profit
Extra profit
"I made $13,000 extra profit per month with Michael's Coaching."
Yoshio Nozaki
Tripled His Income
Tripled his income
"With Michael's coaching, I was able to go from $3,000 to $10,000 in income per month—a 300% increase in income!"
Hiro Yoshida

Quadrupled His Income
Quadrupled his income
"In my first whole month with Michael, I doubled my income! The second month with Michael I doubled it again! (a 400% increase)."
Tony Husted
Doubled His Income
Doubled Income
"I went from 15,000 per month to 31,000 per month with Michael's coaching."
Mamoru Nakamura

This is a Once-In-A-Lifetime 
opportunity to learn the exact techniques taught by the masters in India 
 at a fraction of the cost!
Retail Price was 19,900 Baht
Remember: You too can achieve what Michael has!
9,900 Baht
(1 day trial - September 22, 2019)
29,900 Baht
Full Course - September 27-29, 2019
Total Value: 20,800 THB
  • General Seat
  •  1-Day Seminar on July 21, 2018
  •  Free ACHIEVEMENT SECRET workbook
To Get the Special Offer
Complete the Form Now!
 HOTLINE : 064-149-1614
9,900 Baht
(1 day trial - June 1, 2019)
29,900 Baht
Full Course - June 1-3, 2019
Total Value: 20,800 THB
  • General Seat
  •  1-Day Seminar on July 21, 2018
  •  Free ACHIEVEMENT SECRET workbook
To Get the Special Offer
Complete the Form Now!
 HOTLINE : 064-149-1614
If you have any questions, please call us now: 080-307-5556 
or check out the frequently asked questions below
Answers to frequently asked questions
Can I bring my spouse or a guest?

Yes, you can bring your spouse or a guest. We recommend this, but because of our VERY limited seating each person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.
Where is the seminar held? 

- Bangkok
Date: September 22, 2019  Time: 9:30am to 6:00pm
Is this seminar translated into the Thai language? 

Yes, this event will be translated into Thai by one of our full-time translators who specializes in the courses we offer. They will be on stage and translate my speech.
What can I expect from this event?

You can expect to finally make the major changes that you desire in every area of your life including physical, mental, emotional as well as in your career or business. You can also expect to make financial changes that significantly increase the quality of your life. 

THAT’S A BOLD STATEMENT. But here’s why we are confident in making this claim: 

Change your thoughts...change your life!
How does the guarantee work?

Our money-back guarantee is simple. Attend the entire one-day seminar and take part in every session. Work through the powerful exercises, examine your core beliefs and design a new life for yourself. 

If, at the end of the one day, you do not agree that your every expectation has been met and if you are not thoroughly convinced that The Beautiful State Seminar is worth much more than The entry fee, simply let us know before you return home and we will refund your full tuition amount.
How do I know if this is right for me?

Ask yourself these questions: 

Are you where you want to be? 

Have you accomplished all you thought you would by now? 

Are you happy with your progress in the last 12 months?

Are you in the relationship you’ve longed for? 

If not, The Beautiful State Seminar will allow you to up-level every aspect of your life and lifestyle. 

You can reach maximum levels of performance and achievement. Even though they are attainable for everyone, most people have never learned the proven self-empowerment tools and time-tested performance strategies that form the basis of personal and professional success. 

If any of this resonates with you, then this training is exactly what you need right now. You don’t think it’s an accident that you’re reading this page, do you? 
How much is the lowest price ticket?

The lowest price for a ticket to attend the one-day The Beautiful State Seminar is only 9,900 THB. The price will go up closer to the time of the seminar.
9,900 THB is very expensive for a ticket.

Is it really true that this is expensive? Compare to what?...

It’s only a tiny investment compared to the skills you will learn, and it’s the best investment you can make in your earning ability. These skills will make you millions of Baht, just like they already have for millions of people worldwide who have mastered the secret law of attraction.

Is it worth 9,900 THB to make millions in return?
I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes. Click the button below, choose your seat, and press the Bank Transfer button.
I have a 14-year-old daughter. Can I bring her? What is the minimum age to attend this seminar?

Yes, please bring your daughter. It will benefit her tremendously. These life skills are not taught in school, so this seminar is perfect for teenagers as well.
Who can I contact if I have more questions? 

Please contact us at or call 080-307-5556.

Line: @successmasters
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